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Monday, February 21, 2011

The Bihar Webzine

A group of "Friends of Bihar", located across the globe and most of them not having met the other guys, came together to create a Webzine on Bihar. And it saw a mighty successful launch on Facebook!

This Webzine will be a quarterly feature. Articles , features, advertisement etc are welcome from all members.

Bihar Society:

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PPT format:

Social Entrepreneurship Jobs

Check out the web magazine which consists of 44 pages of information and showcases the Bihari enterprise.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

UTI Fixed Maturity Plan

We saw a review of FMPs and here's an announcement

UTI MF announced the launch of UTI Fixed Maturity Plan - Yearly Series - February 2011 (YFMP 02 / 11) and the details are as given below:
UTI Fixed Maturity Plan - YFMP (02 / 11)
Launch Date/Specified 
Transaction Date 

(in case of 
interval fund)
Last DateMaturity Date Minimum AmountEntry Load
16-Feb-2011 21-Feb-2011March 23, 2012  10,000 (Retail) 
 1 Cr (Institutional)
Who should Invest?
For all class of investors i.e. Corporates , HNIs , MNIs & Retail who have a pre 
decided investment horizon. 
 - As a prudent investor one needs to have a proper asset allocation in place 
   and FMPs offer that much-needed stability to the investment portfolio. 
 - Thus, even aggressive investors who normally prefer equity investments 
   should invest a part of their corpus in FMPs.
Investors who are not satisified with the returns from conventional 
fixed income avenues
FMPs are ideal for 
 - Risk-averse investors who seek safe avenues for investment and 
   in the process keep money in the form of bank deposits 
 - Investors who want to park money for a fixed period of time with a 
   view to meeting certain financial goals in near future
The Tax Angle
In the case of FMPs the return can be in the form of dividend or 
capital appreciation depending upon the option of the investor 
 - Dividend is tax free in the hands of the investor while the fund 
   has to incur a Dividend Distribution Tax 
 - In the case of investments for more than a year and under 
   growth option, long-term capital gains tax at 11.33% (without 
   indexation benefit) and 22.66% (with indexation benefit) is applicable
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